Narrow web

Stations designed to equip printing lines of plastic labels and narrow web films. They are ideal for working on flexographic label’s printers, on bar code printers, sausage coating printing lines and laminating web lines.


Equipped with high performance ceramic electrodes, these stations allow the treatment of both non-conductive and metalized materials.


They guarantee the treatment of a great variety of substrates at the high speed of the flexographic label’s printers, eg Gallus, Edale, Mark Andy, Gidue, KDO, etc.



MET 250 / MET 330 / MET 500

Met 150S Seal

Station designed specifically for printing packaging plastic seals and eliminating any noise in them.


It is ideal for placing on precinct printer’s lines of SIAT brand.


In cases where is not possible to integrate the station in the precinct printing line, we have the option of a MET 150-S/Seal module to be used in line with those printers.

Met 150S Seal