Treater stations designed to be incorporated into printers (flexographic, typographic and rotogravure) and lamination units. Ensuring treatment of plastic, metallic, aluminium foils, etc. Facilitating the adhesion of inks, varnishes, lacquers and adhesives on them.


With groups featuring high performance ceramic electrodes for the treatment of conductive and nonconductive materials.


Designed to operate at high line speeds required by theconverting industry (up to more than 500 mts. per minute).


The incorporation of the latest technology, the use of the excellent quality materials and a wide range of solutions (many of them customised) allow these stations to ensure the adequate treatment for each material.


Stations designed specifically for the treatment of non-conductive materials.


They are the alternative to Conver models for installations where it’s not necessary to treat conductive materials. Equipped with aluminium electrode groups; of eleven discharge points and silicone coating on the corona roll, are designed to operate at high line speeds.


Share with the Conver stations most of their features and a wide range of customized solutions that enable the integration in the printing and laminating lines most advanced in the market (Bobst, Cerutti, Windmöller & Hölcher, Müller Martini, Comexi, Soma, Kuhne, ITW, Bachofen Meier, Polytipe, etc.).